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Michelin Guide 2016

Savoring a meal at this ever-lovely bistro is like taking a break from the constant evolution that is life in New York City, where tastes change faster than you can tweet. The red-lacquer façade, claret-velvet banquettes, and sophisticated clientele are all much the same as when QUATORZE Bis opened almost 25 years ago. Though the ambience’s timeless appeal is noteworthy, the traditional French cooking is their key to success. Frilly chicory, drizzled with hot bacon fat and red wine vinegar, and pocked with lardons, croutons, and shallots makes for a very hearty, très French salad. Seafood sausage is plump and studded with sweet red pepper and pine nuts. Daily specials keep the menu new, with dishes like striped bass served beside a creamy sorrel sauce.

Virtual Gourmet by John Mariani, 2015

…bright and cheery as ever, always full, seven days a week, largely with an Upper East Side crowd of regulars who are never disappointed because little ever changes within this cocoon-like bistro… QB’s still one of the best… it’s easy enough to think you are in some favorite arrondissement where everyone is speaking French and tourists are few.

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Diner’s Journal by Sam Sifton from The New York Times, 2010

Put me in your shoes, I’d try to move into the Carlyle, and eat three meals a week at QUATORZE Bis.

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Diner’s Journal by Marian Burros from The New York Times, 2007

There is something very comforting about a familiar menu, something about a place that is so confident about its style of cooking that it doesn’t follow the latest trends. It’s perfect for people who eat out a lot.

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